Olivia Hastings Holt (August 5, 1997) is an American teen actress and singer.

Story Character
11 Twins

Elena Matthews

A Little Mistake

Charlotte Dawson

Hailee Dawson

Kiersey Lynch

An EXTRAordinary Family TBA
Big Family Cara Devon
Bionics Nanny Holt
Enemies Rydel Penderghast

April Sommers

How To Survive Breeana Lawson
Just Like Us Jade Walsh-Scott
Lightnings Hilary Gale
Meant To Be Katie Shepard
Misery Raylin Hastings
Not Good Enough Marley DeMarco
Popular Kid Lancaster
Rescue Me Phoebe Chamberlain
Stuck Jack
Teenage Diaries Kylie Ratford
That's Just High School Melissa Victor
Upside Down Delia Cavanaugh
Blog Of A Loser Kata
Callie Ridge Skylar Dexter
Change  Cody Clemons
Different Bay Moon
Way Beyond Average Heat 
Ready To Take My Place Adrian Brooke Bennington
Written Into Stars Emily Bendan
Dear Diary Gianna Simons
Do's And Don'ts Of A High School Student Quinn Fitzgerald
Secret Life herself
We Burnin' Up Delya Mitchell
Shake It Up 2.0 Shania Maddison
Victorious Troy Spencer
Hero Juliet
Teenage Summer Nights
Hey Juliet Juliet Mahone
Welcome 2 Our Family Echo Murs
Fallin' For You Maia Yvonne
That's How Hollywood Works Drama Hale
Starting Over Remember Holt
Best Friend's Brother Vanessa Davenport
Denied Ally Lawrence
Linked Piper Scanlon
Girl Meets World Ava Morgenstern